2023 Auspicious Blessings for New Beginnings!

Sri Paramkaruna Paramjyothi Sarva Mangala Vratam

~~~ for all auspiciousness in life ~~~

Live from Satyaloka for registered participants

April 14, 2023,  6am India Time (time conversion: Time and Date Converter)


🔸Invoke 21 aspects of Sri Paramjyothi

🔸For wealth and abundance

🔸For success in new endeavors

🔸For auspiciousness

🔸Special blessings for the entire family

April 14th is considered a good day for auspiciousness to come into one’s life.

In Oneness, when we start anything new, we tend to do a ritual for invoking grace.  Before entering a new house, before starting a new business, before beginning to sow a seed, before starting construction work, before the birth of a child, before the child starts school, and so on, our ancients devised various rituals for these various occasions. Through these rituals we are invoking the blessings of the Sri Paramkaruna Paramjyothi for the success of the work that we have started.

‘Sri Paramkaruna Paramjyothi Sarva Mangala Vratam’ is the ritual through which we shall be invoking 21 aspects of Sri Paramjyothi powerfully in a very auspicious manner, to guide us in the coming year and give us abundance and auspiciousness.

Over the past seven years this puja has been conducted at Nemam Temple and hundreds of devotees have benefitted from doing this Pooja. 

Let us come together online and participate in this live ritual from our homes and reap the abundant blessings for our family.

TWO STEPS to complete registration for Sarva Mangala Vratam:

FIRST: Pay at appropriate link:

     USD: $111 

     Euros: €111

SECOND: Register with Mahaal using this form:

for more information, contact Mahaal at evolveandlead@gmail.com

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