Gayathri Homa Sept. 20th

GAYATHRI HOMA: {Donation: per Individual – $198}
 《Liberation from Negative Karma》

• To get liberated from Karma accumulated in this lifetime and from past Lives • To get liberation from Karma coming from Family, Properties • To Break Negative patterns connected to Health, Finance and Relationship coming from Negative programming from seven stages of our Life • To seek Forgiveness for all sins committed during this Lifetime and previous Lives

Two steps to register

1) Pay using this link:

(for individual: $198; for family: $594; for SPECIAL(4 seats): $792)

2) Fill out the registration form, at this link (you will need to upload a copy of your payment receipt – please do not fill out this form until after you have paid):

for more information, contact Mahaa at or on Telegram or WhatsApp!

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