A great experience happens when relationships are set right, by us making use of the Great Compassionate Light, in regard to fulfillment. CLARITY emerges.

Clarity as to what we really NEED to be fulfilled.

Clarity as to what it means for us to be fulfilled.

And Clarity as to how to enjoy and make use of being fulfilled.

It helps us to have clarity in our relationship with wealth, money, well-being; it gives us clarity about power, our positions in life, what influences us, and how we are influencing.
It makes no sense to seek fulfillment: we get it, what we say we want to be fulfilled, and we are still miserable – we are still suffering.

It’s a common Dis-Ease with people in the world: where people in high power thought that their position would fulfill them – and they end up suffering just like the people around them that they disdain that are poor and destitute. So we see where the rich and powerful, the well-positioned, professionals/ non-professionals, married/unmarried, people of all stripes are suffering alike, all having what they said they wanted to have, and yet, they are suffering.

To be truly fulfilled, we need a shift in consciousness. >>We need to know how to make use of the Great Compassionate Light to be fulfilled.
We need to come to terms with what FRIENDSHIP truly is. To be truly fulfilled, we need friendship with the Great Compassionate Light, so that it helps us be friends with ourselves, our parents, and all else.
So fulfillment requires relationships set right; friendship with Great Compassionate Light; making use of the help we need; knowing how to receive/accept; and having great clarity as to how and what to intend for auspicious fulfillment.


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