“Auspicious Fulfillment”

Now let us look at Fulfillment in an auspicious manner. We’ll call it Auspicious Fulfillment.
One of the mistakes we’ve made in life, when we hear fulfillment, we immediately jump to what is it we WANT, and think that will solve our fulfillment problem. 
We’re not going to do that here – we are going to start from the roots. 
First – take a look at relationship with our parents; our relationship with our Divine; our relationship with our loved ones – siblings, grandparents, children, partners. Our relationship with Nature. Our internal condition (which leads to our outward conditions). What is it we’re feeling, how are we feeling towards all the above-mentioned? 
Let us rest with our parents, first and foremost. 
See the relationship for what it is. Accept that this is how it is. Accept that you have been trying to improve this relationship. And you have not had the kind of results that you were expecting [or hoping for].
Then come to terms with your relationship with the Source that can best help you, how it has been ignored. We have tried all the books, the classes, the oral traditions – we have tried all that. Now let us turn to the Great Compassionate Light for help.

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