with 16 WEALTHS, Awakening, & God Realization.

Date: Oct. 7th – 15th

Venue: Satyaloka, India.


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India has a great Spiritual heritage & her festivals abound with symbolic meanings & Esoteric Rituals. One of such significant festivals is the *‘Navarathri’* or ‘the Festival of the Nine Nights.’

It marks those Auspicious times when the Earth pulsates with *‘Shakthi’* or the Power of the Female aspect of Consciousness. *Navarathri* is the main festival propitiating *Shakthi.* To honor the power of the Supreme Divine Mother in creation, preservation & destruction, she is worshipped during these days as *Saraswathi,* *Lakshmi* & *Durga,* the three chief Goddesses of this tradition in her Nine very Powerful Forms.

One of the foremost & the most effective Ritual right from the Ancient times is the *‘Homa’* or the Fire 🔥 Ritual. Based on a few amazing Principles of the Universe, the Fire Rituals are of tremendous help in keeping away the negative energies as well as drawing in *AUSPICIOUS* ENERGIES.

🔹️Sri Suvarna Kavacha Durga Devi Homa:

  • To destroy negative and inauspicious energies in your life.
  • To overcome the trouble caused by enemies.
  • To overcome fear & danger caused by the planetary positions.

🔸️Sri Bala Tripurasundari Devi Homa:

  • To get desired Boons.
  • For victory in any effort.
  • For progeny.
  • For Name & Fame.

🔹️Sri Gayatri Devi Homa:

  • For health & longevity.
  • To be liberated from the Karma that causes ill health due to unknown reasons.
  • The Blessings of this Deity would aid in curing undiagnosable diseases.
  • To get Noble traits.

🔸️Sri Annapurneshwari Devi Homa:

  • For a state of Joy.
  • For rains.
  • For prosperity in farming.
  • For the abundance of food grains.

🔹️Sri Lalitha Tripurasundari Devi Homa:

  • To beget children.
  • To find your Soul Mate and get married.
  • For LONGEVITY of the spouse.
  • For the partners to walk the path of Spirituality together.

🔸️Sri Saraswati Devi Homa:

  • For improvement in Academics.
  • For the flowering of Intelligence & Creativity.
  • For Memory Power & Concentration.
  • For increased EFFICIENCY on the work front
  • For Wisdom & Self Realisation.

🔹️Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi Homa:

  • To receive the Blessings of Lakshmi, the Deity of Wealth & Prosperity.
  • For material PROSPERITY.
  • For improvement in Work/Business.
  • For your various Investments & Finance to bear fruit faster without obstacles.
  • For AUSPICIOUS Energies to flood your life.
  • For accumulating GOLD and other VALUABLES.

🔸️Sri Mahishasuramardini Devi Homa:

  • To be liberated from troublesome traumas, negative emotions & tendencies.
  • To be liberated from negative Karma.
  • For negative energies that obstruct Spiritual progress to go away.

🔹️Sri Raja Rajeswari Devi Homa: 

  • For setting right relationships in the family.
  • For family welfare.
  • For protecting oneself from unforeseen dangers.
  • For Auspiciousness in the family.
  • For you to awaken to Love.

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