21 Day Tapas – Our Greatest Contribution to World Oneness

1) Manasa Tapas – Mind: Chant Ekam Mantra 1008 times daily, while holding its deepest meaning in your heart. Ekam Mantra: “Ham Sa – So Ham – Ekam” Meaning: I am in the Divine; The Divine is in me; We are One. Holding this sacred meaning in your heart, chant this mantra 1008 times every day for the 21 days. You may chant it all at once or do it in stages throughout the day (sample chant on our Practice page)

2) Vaachaa Tapas – Action: Give Deeksha for the 21 days to family, friends, loved ones, colleagues. Have the receiver hold their attention on their Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra and invoke the Intention Deeksha to flow, for the person’s awakening to an experience of Oneness in themselves, in their families and communities.

3) Karmana Tapas – Speech: Speak loudly and clearly about the vision of World Oneness and inspire as many people as possible to join on March 7th to give Deeksha. Collectively let us inspire 10 million people to join us and give Deeksha for creating a World Oneness Wave in human consciousness!

To participate in this 21 day Tapas moves us into Oneness. The one who works for a larger cause is blessed.

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