The Inner World Creates the External World

What the heck does that even mean? “The inner world creates the external world.”

People rebel against this teaching, sometimes, feeling blamed or shamed.  Others simply dismiss it as that “woo woo” way of thinking…

Yet there is deep power and empowerment and *healing* available by sitting and breathing this teaching.

Our teacher, Sri Bhagavan, relates it this way: “If you look inside yourself and discover who you are and accept yourself as you are and love yourself, you will completely have no difficulty with the external world because it is the inner world which is creating the external world.

“Now in case you have difficulty with the external world in spite of your having seen the inner world, it means you have not really seen the inner world. Because the inner world is the one that is actually creating the external problem.

One example he uses is this: “…for example, a couple could be heading for divorce. If one of them were to really see what is happening inside, accept it and love it, you will find instantly things are changing in the external world.”

The root problem of all the suffering we are experiencing is that we are having difficulties in seeing the inner world.

This is where grace comes in. When we open ourselves to the grace of the Divine (what ever that means to you~) then we have the peace and loving kindness to support us through this process.  Because let’s be real – it is often really painful to allow ourselves to see ourselves, to see who we see ourselves to be.

Yet it is that clarity of vision – and allowing the experiences that come  up in that process – that clears away the confusion and pain of who we *think* we are, and allows us to see and experience more fully *Who we **truly** are*.

Would you believe that *joy* awaits all who venture through this process. Causeless, unshakable, joy.

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