Divine Light Meditation, Chambers, & Consciousness Initiation


Mahaal and Elz have been graced to be initiated by our teachers, Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan, to be Independent Spiritual Teachers, and to offer these processes of Awakening into Divine Light.

Each of these processes is designed for participants to deepen and strengthen your personal experience of communion with your Divine.

Divine Grace flows in support of awakening your experience of the Divine in your life. Attendees report experiences of the healing of relationships, health, well-being, financial abundance, and other miracles of significance in their lives.

These processes do not require a religious belief, for you to belong to any group, or to be affiliated with any institution.

These processes are offered as gifts of Divine Grace for all who want to experience happiness, joy, and purpose in their lives.

If you are in distress in your life, worried about the state of the world today, fearful of what is next: these are phenomenal experiences to bring you a sense of peace, clarity, and under-lying joyfulness.  Problems are not removed – but your perspective will shift, significantly, allowing you to have a different experience of life and living.

Come, get your shift on!

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