What Does it Mean, To Be Fulfilled?

We all have desires. And fulfillment is one of our primary desires. (Even if that’s not we’ve been calling it…)

In ages past, the ancients knew how to be constructively, auspiciously fulfilled, themselves.

Now, we are returning to that inner desire to be fulfilled in a manner that causes balance, between iham and param.  These two terms are Sanskrit terms meaning worldly needs and spiritual needs.

We’ve been calling fulfillment by many names over time – such as: wanting to find a purpose, meaning, and other names which, as it turns out, help to distract us from the auspicious experience of being fulfilled that arises from a balanced life.

So what does it mean/ take to be “meaningfully fulfilled”?   How does it occur? What can we do? How can we do?

It is said that if there are 6 billion people, there are 6 billion experiences. However, there are commonalities that run through these experiences. For us to be fulfilled in a manner that raises our consciousness, for practical, beneficial living, this requires taking a new approach to fulfillment.

It requires us having great clarity; so that our intentions and the actions arising therefrom, benefit our worldly and spiritual needs in a manner that causes a synergistic field which encourages good: Vibrant Health. Great Wealth. Inner Stillness. Causeless Joy. Causeless Happiness. Diligent Attention to Relationships. Relationships Set Right.

It is said by our teacher that life is relationship – and so it is. We are in relationship with everything/ everything is in relationship with us. This is full of the balance of life.

For us to truly have, live, and experience a fulfilled life, our relationship with parents must be set right. It’s our primary relationship. This includes if you are adopted. Whether or not you know your birth parents, it matters not. You start with the parents that parented you after you were birthed by your birth parents. And then internally, you seek and have your relationship with your birth parents set right, even not knowing them, physically.

Then it takes us to look at and become conscious that whatever our relationship is with parents, it reflects in the relationship with our Divine – AND ALL ELSE.

Our first experience of wanting to be fulfilled starts with our parents.  The yearning starts there, and when it’s not present, and if we think or feel like we are fulfilled with our parents, we don’t see how we’re using it aright – that relationship, and what we are calling fulfillment.

This brings us to looking at what we’ve been calling fulfillment, and our intentions as a result; and the actions we have taken and the results we’ve gotten; and what fulfillment really can be, If we pursue it, that causes healing, auspicious relationships, and happiness that leads to great joy.

When one is truly fulfilled, there isn’t the kind of suffering that we are experiencing up to this point in life.  Fulfillment causes healing to suffering, internally and externally. 

(to be continued…)

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