Oneness Consciousness


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Divine Light Meditation with Mahaal

(Regular Gatherings, in-person and on-line — email for more information.)

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What is Oneness Consciousness?

Oneness is an ever-expanding higher Consciousness that helps shift our experience of life from merely existing to joyfully living – Living and Leading with the Intelligence of Your Heart.

This shift starts by discovering Oneness within yourself, Oneness in your family, Oneness in your community. This evolves into a deep awareness of Oneness on the planet, a deep sense of respect for the Oneness of all living things, and of course the ultimate sense of Oneness with the entire universe.

The major challenge with the world at this time, is that there is no sustaining experience of Oneness Consciousness within the individual.  People work diligently to lead with their minds, separating their hearts, and the intelligence of the heart, from the very process of life. The disconnect is experienced in the violence and separation felt across the globe, and in our most intimate thoughts and relationships.

At Evolve and Lead, we have experienced, by cultivating the intelligence of the heart in the Divine Light of Oneness Consciousness, that individual transformation leads to global transformation. In discovering Oneness, our resistence to problems dissolve. Life becomes more fluid and we experience more joy. That is the purpose and focus of the teaching of Oneness Consciousness and Heart Intelligence at Evolve And Lead.

Oneness Consciousness, informed by the intelligence of the heart, will set humanity totally and unconditionally free from the sense of separation and suffering.